Offset Printing

We utilize a variety of standard inks and special UV printing inks. They are solvent-less printing inks which incorporate liquid photopolymers that release free radicals on exposure to large doses of ultra-violet light. The radicals cause the ends to polymerize into a dry resin. Thus we are strongly concerned for social responsibility towards the nation as well as enhancing your packaging.

UV/Aqueous/Drip Off Coatings

We have latest UV & Aqueous Coating machines. UV and Aqueous Coatings offer excellent gloss and are rub resistance. With these coatings on your packaging, it becomes recyclable and eco-friendly and this is widely accepted by Multinationals and some only prefer to have this UV coating as this is the replacement of lamination. We have also come up with spot UV coating on some of the boxes and they are really the pick of the hour. We focus to give a very sober and decent look to your packaging and making it different from the daily pickers.

In addition to this, drip off coatings is in trends now days. It adds beautification to your cartons and makes them more attractive.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping adds elegance and value to packaging, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, it is the only technique that can give bright, non- tarnishing metallic effects to duplex board. Foils can be embossed for even greater impact.

Die Cutting

We offer the latest die cutting technology, combining automation with precision. All of our cutting dies plates are made by the skillful hands of experienced craftsmen, ensuring the accuracy of each die. Investment in Auto Die cutters has increased the capacity of our folding carton operations to deliver the packaging to client at the earliest.


The rigid and flexible windows add a whole new dimension to packaging, creating a visible link between the packaging and the product itself. It is a perfect way to leverage the brand equity of the primary container or logo. This adds your packaging a high end appearance.


Our high speed automatic gluers are installed with HHS hot melt units which not only save time, but are also gentle on the adhesive and the seals, as well as on the environment. These allow us to provide you with more packaging design options with faster turnaround and reduced costs.

Aluminium & Blister Foil

It is one of the major packaging needs for any Pharma industry. We have high tech ultra modern foil printing machines, so all your packaging requirements are supplied under same roof. You need not to run from one door to another, as we take all your tensions of your packaging needs.